Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union Partner Testimonial

Hear more about why Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union values their partnership with Elan.

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Think Beyond Credit Score: How Credit Unions Can Grow and Engage Members

To grow, retain, and engage members, it is imperative that credit unions prioritize investments and operations in the member experience. This is particularly true of supporting unsecured underwriting processes, especially for credit cards. 

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Financial Institutions and Customer Loyalty: The Value of Investing in Your Community

This report, a collaboration between Elan and, surveyed U.S. consumers to examine their support for charity, patronage of local merchants, and volunteer involvement and how these factors influence their decisions about where to do business, including banks.

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Elan Volunteers With Partner Wakota Federal Credit Union

Staff from Elan and Wakota Federal Credit Union volunteered at Neighbors, Inc. preparing 100 emergency food boxes for those in need as part of the Across the Country Charitable Giving program. Watch the video to learn more.

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