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Meeting the Challenges of the Millennial Market

Millennials will make up an estimated 50 percent of the global workforce by 2020.  How can credit unions meet the unique challenges of the millennial market?


Elan Financial Services 

January 2018

Cybersecurity: Managing Risks to Credit Cards

Cybersecurity represents a top concern for the financial services industry.  How do credit unions successfully manage the risks?



Elan Financial Services 

November 2017

Unsecured vs. Secured: Facing the Challenges of Unsecured Lending

Changing consumer preferences and usage patterns pose challenges for managing any loan product.  While trying to accommodate this, how should a credit union manage their credit card portfolio?


Elan Financial Services 

August 2017

Geolocation Technology: Adding Security and Reliability to Credit Cards

Consumers expect safety and reliability when traveling and making everyday purchases with their credit card.  How does enabling geolocation technology ease fraud concerns for credit cardmembers?


Elan Financial Services 

April 2017

Common Compliance Risks in Managing Credit Card Portfolios

Credit card regulations are complex, proving it difficult for credit unions to control costs while driving portfolio growth.  What are some of the more common pitfalls a credit union needs to be aware of in managing their credit card portfolio?    


By Elan Financial Services

Updated White Paper, initially published November 2015

June 2017

Recent Events Impacting the Regulatory Landscape

Several banking practices recently have caused regulatory governing bodies like the CFPB to step in and take action.  What does all of this mean for credit unions? 


Elan Financial Services 

February 2017

Creating Cardmember Stickiness with an Enriched Credit Card Product Suite

Credit cards can create the stickiness your credit union needs to keep members engaged.  Download this white paper to learn how to leverage your credit card portfolio.  


Elan Financial Services 

November 2016

Embracing the Rewards and Risks of Mobile Payments

Mobile technology is growing, along with consumer's adoption and expectations.  Download this white paper to gain insight into the world of mobile payments.


Elan Financial Services 

September 2016

Benefits of a Robust Credit Card Product Strategy

One size doesn't fit all.  Providing an extensive credit card product suite can enhance members' experiences and optimize portfolio revenue streams


Elan Financial Services 

May 2016

Key Service Qualities to Build Cardmember Satisfaction and Profitability

The foundation for a successful long-term credit card program requires focus on multiple cardmember servicing qualities. What are these servicing qualities and how can a credit union successfully manage them to build cardmember satisfaction and profitability? 


Elan Financial Services 


March 2016

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Engage Your Members With A Strong Cardmember Marketing Lifecycle Program

A successful credit card lifecycle marketing strategy is one that is complete and robust.  A strong strategy includes upfront account acquisition, near-term account activation, long-term maximization and an empowered retention strategy.  


By Elan Financial Services


October 2015

Increasing Regulatory Oversight on Credit Card Programs

The CARD Act, the creation of the CFPB, and various Anti-Money Laundering laws and other regulations (including the Bank Secrecy Act and the US Patriot Act), have significantly impacted the credit card industry in recent years.  Credit unions must effectively navigate the ever-changing credit card compliance environment.


By Elan Financial Services


July 2015

Keeping Members Feeling Confident and Secure During Fraudulent Times

By implementing some best practices, your credit union can be well prepared to respond to the inevitable breaches in the years ahead. 


By Elan Financial Services


May 2015

Using Underwriting to Broaden Your Reach

Credit card underwriting is not just a point-in-time activity it's an ongoing process.  There's a rewarding market out there for those who get it right.


By Elan Financial Services


February 2015

Developing a Credit Card Strategy Leveraging Big Data

Big data presents great opportunity for

targeting and incentivizing members

with valuable card offers.


By Elan Financial Services


October 2014

Disintermediation's Disruption in the Mobile Payments Space

How companies such as Paypal, Amazon, Apple, and Google Wallet have disrupted the credit union mobile payments market.


By Elan Financial Services


July 2014

Evaluating Channel Performance

Credit unions need to look at different metrics that tell them how they should be be investing their marketing budget. It is important to consider not only the acquisition channels that drive new account growth, but also the channel’s influence on the performance of these accounts


By Elan Financial Services


July 2014

Generational Thoughts on Credit Card Account Acquisition

Credit card issuers need to examine the market from a generational marketing approach in conjunction with a lifecycle approach


By Elan Financial Services


May 2014

Credit Card Lending Versus Credit Card Spending

Do your members consider their credit card an emergency loan product or a smart spending tool?


By Elan Financial Services


March 2014

Credit Card Solutions

Our approach is based on building long-term relationships.


By Elan Financial Services


February 2014

The Coexistence of Fixed and Variable Credit Card Pricing Strategies

The decision of whether to offer credit cards with a fixed or variable rate structure.


By Elan Financial Services


October 2013

Developing the Right Credit Card for Small Business Members

Best practices for balancing financial dynamics, product selection,

underwriting flexibility, and the business population.


By Elan Financial Services


July 2013

A Path Chosen Prudently

Credit Card Self-Issuing vs. Agent Banking:

Critical Considerations and Lessons Learned


A White Paper by The Kessler Group, Sponsored by Elan


April 2013

Insource vs. Outsource: What's Best for Your Credit Union?

Credit unions should consider the benefits and pitfalls of each

strategy when managing their card portfolio.


By Elan Financial Services


July 2012

As Credit Card Usage Rebounds, Rewards Programs Grow in Importance

Consumer spending is showing signs of rebounding and credit cards

are re-emerging as one of the payment vehicles of choice.


By Elan Financial Services



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