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Merchant + POS solutions

Our exclusive all-in-one merchant solution, talech®, is perfect for business members. From inventory to reservations, and text alerts to timecards, it’s a seamlessly integrated solution for the digital world. Business owners can customize the POS system to their needs and streamline the payments process through cardless payment accounts.

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Mortgage services 

Help your members realize their dream of home ownership by adding mortgage solutions to your offerings. Elan provides an array of loans with competitive pricing directly to your consumers, while also managing underwriting, closing, and funding procedures. 

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Corporate payment systems

Run and grow a business with payment solutions that help streamline the accounts payable process. Explore our credit card and payment solutions that will simplify expense management while offering DIY controls, integrated transaction data, and more.

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"Working with Elan supports Essential's mission of placing its members first ... [and] our goal to ensure that our members have access to the best financial products and services available."

 — Richard Williams, Essential Federal Credit Union President and CEO

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