Making a Charitable Impact in 2023: North Central Region

October 24, 2023

The second year of the Elan Charitable Giving program made sweeping impacts across the north central region. Learn more about each organization selected by an Elan Credit Card partner and the impact each $15,000 donation had in that community. 

Three adults holding a big check in front of a brick wall.

Beacon Credit Union
Riley's Children's Foundation

The foundation provided financial support for Camp Riley so that no child is refused camp because of a family’s economic circumstances. This $15,000 donation subsidized the cost of one week of camp for seven kids. 

Group of four buisnesspeople holding a large check in an office.

First Trust Credit Union
Salvation Army Michigan City

The $15,000 donation was allocated to the Weekend Backpack Feeding Program which provides students in need with meals to eat over the weekend. Michigan City area schools report 80% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch, representing the significant need in the community.  

Group of 6 people holding a large check in front of a wood paneled wall.

Hayward Community Credit Union
Greater Hayward House of Hope

The House of Hope helps to provide a rehabilitation ministry to men struggling with addiction issues. Services for residents include meeting basic needs (food, clothing, and shelter), faith-based rehabilitation and connecting participants with mentors.

Group of seven people holding a  big check in front of a wall full of framed photographs.

Heartland Credit Union
St. John's Children's Hospital Foundation

The donation to St. John’s Children’s Hospital will go directly to children and their families receiving care. Donations support quality medical programs, equipment, and supplies for the 40,000 children and families that are treated in south-central Illinois each year. 

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