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Elan Credit Card Celebrates International Credit Union Day 

October 19, 2023

$75,000 donated on behalf of credit union partners

(Minneapolis, MN) — To amplify the credit union movement and the value they bring to communities, Elan Credit Card (Elan) is celebrating International Credit Union Day with five, $15,000 donations.

“We are honored to make these donations and further the ‘people helping people’ movement created by credit unions,” said Elan Credit Card General Manager, John Owens. “It is important to Elan that we support our partnerships beyond our business relationship and what better way for us to do that than giving back both financially — and with our time,” Owens added.

A volunteer event will be scheduled at one of the organizations in the coming months. This opportunity will allow Elan and its credit union partner to volunteer together and further the donation.

Each credit union selected the organization based on the needs of their community. Areas of focus include food insecurity, finding shelter for the unhoused, and financial education.

The Elan credit union partners and selected beneficiaries for Credit Union Day 2023 include:

  • CAMC Federal Credit Union (Union Mission)
  • Centricity Credit Union (Centricity Credit Union Foundation)
  • Coastal1 Credit Union (Pawtucket Soup Kitchen)
  • Envision Credit Union (Second Harvest of the Big Bend)
  • MIT FCU (Bridges Homeward)

In additional support of credit unions and the value they serve to the financial industry, Elan Credit Card is sponsoring CUNA’s 75th anniversary celebration.

Learn more about each organization, credit union, and the impact Elan is making in communities through its charitable giving initiative at

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