Supporting AACUC in 2024 and Beyond

May 28, 2024
Five adults stand in front of a body of middle school students holding a promotional check.

Elan Credit Card has been a corporate sponsor and supporter of the African-American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC) since 2022. The collaboration has included a financial education event benefiting hundreds of students and other activities in support of the AACUC mission within regional chapters across the country. 

We are honored to continue this partnership in 2024 and asked Renée Sattiewhite, President/CEO of AACUC, to tell us more about their mission and how Elan Credit Card and others can continue supporting their work.

1. What is the mission of AACUC?

AACUC’s mission is to increase diversity within the credit union community through advocacy and professional development. AACUC unites the credit union movement to ensure Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and advocates for the 8th Cooperative Principle for credit unions focused on DEI. We promote financial inclusion and professional development through our support for all credit unions and create bridges between community-based organizations and consumer-focused initiatives to increase opportunities to close the racial wealth gap.

2. Why is it important for the financial industry to join the movement and get involved with AACUC?

Credit union and financial services professionals, executives, regulators, volunteers, and consultants are vital to helping AACUC realize its mission. Getting involved, and particularly partnering with AACUC as a Corporate Partner, helps fund the organization’s operations and programming, which then allows us to deliver top-notch services. For example, our development programs help upskill professionals to be more effective in their daily roles and career aspirations, our consultations assist organizations progress along their DEI and Belonging transformations and our events bring like-minded individuals together to share ideas and experiences and to take action. Collectively, we’re able to impact the communities we serve to bridge the racial wealth gap and advance financial access and inclusion.

3. What programs or initiatives is AACUC excited to bring to communities in 2024?

AACUC is always growing and bringing new value to its members and network. One of our most significant initiatives this year is the Future Fund. The Future Fund is a transformative new funding source for AACUC, created to ensure the long-term strength and sustainability of the organization regardless of industry trends, economic downturns, and socio-political headwinds. In addition to supporting AACUC flagship programs and providing an operating reserve for long-term sustainability, the Future Fund will bring scale to three essential pillars of our Commitment to Change Initiative: internships and leadership development, long-term small credit union sustainability, and wealth building and community impact programs.

This year we’re partnering with CU Leadership Convention to bring another exceptional conference for our members. Our members will enjoy all the benefits of networking and sharing ideas and experience the country’s most thought-provoking speakers, world-class entertainment and more chances to apply innovative solutions to the challenges facing credit union leaders today.  

In addition to our ongoing professional development programs including BoardReady Training, Brinkley C-Level Leadership Development, and DEI Academy for Financial Professionals, we’re excited to launch new course offerings including a management series presented by AACUC Strategic Partner McPherson|Berry.

AACUC is introducing its Strategic Partners pilot program to support and elevate Black-owned businesses within the credit union community. AACUC Strategic Partners brings best-in-class boutique professional services, suppliers and entrepreneurs to credit unions, credit union service organizations, leagues, foundations, and associations. This new program aims to foster supplier diversity and increase inclusivity within the credit union ecosystem.

4. What draws young leaders to AACUC?

AACUC is committed to promoting and amplifying young professionals and emerging credit union leaders because they are the future of our movement. Young professionals have opportunities to volunteer, lead, and actively participate in advancing AACUC’s mission in different capacities such as serving as a regional chapter officer, committee volunteer, and special event panelist. Inclusion is a core value of this generation, so investing and creating space for them to be seen, heard, and celebrated just makes sense.

To show you how intentional we are about developing our industry's young professionals, AACUC will present six inspiring credit union professionals who have exemplified “Bold,” “Mindful,” and “Brave” leadership in helping eradicate racism throughout the credit union industry and advancing AACUC’s mission with the Commitment to Change Young Professional Leadership Awards on May 17, 2024. This is a biennial award and was launched in 2022 as an extension of AACUC’s Commitment to Change: Credit Unions Unite Against Racism.

5. How is Elan supporting the AACUC mission?

Elan Credit Card is an amazing corporate partner for AACUC and represents a true, collaborative partnership. They actively look for ways to foster the spirit of the credit union movement through the work we’re doing beyond a monetary contribution. For example, last year AACUC’s Texas Regional Chapter and Elan came together to co-host a financial literacy event presented by Junior Achievement of Dallas for 200 middle schools students. Not only did the event bring an exceptional learning activity to students in this community, the Elan Charitable Giving program gave $15,000 to the school to support continued learning.

6. How can credit unions and other organizations, support the AACUC?

There are many ways to get involved.

  • Financial support as a corporate partner or Future Fund donor allows us to scale programs to more credit union professionals and communities.
  • Serving as a resource to inform AACUC of needs within our credit unions helps us design solutions so that our credit unions, particularly our smallest ones, can survive and thrive.
  • Join as a member, engage in the opportunities we provide, and be an active participant in our network.

To learn more about mission of AACUC and their programs, visit

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