Elan delivers turnkey programs that offer:


  • Account Executive Teams
  • Client Resource Center
  • Underwriting
  • Online Account Access Tools
  • High-Impact Marketing Solutions
  • Training
  • Cardmember Service Team
  • Industry-Leading Fraud Detection Team

This approach ensures partners remain competitive, while growing their business with minimal risk, through delivery of our proven roadmap, the Elan Advantage.



It takes an experienced team to provide exceptional service, and our financial institution partners agree
– Elan provides best-in-class support of successful programs to maintain retention of our customers.


Account Executive Teams

Elan account executives are not only dedicated to your employees but are dedicated to your institution.

Elan provides full support for all programs and product needs and will work to ensure your institution
is fully supported in every possible way.


High-Impact Marketing Solutions

To drive engagement across your program, you have access to fully branded marketing communications...
at no cost. These include optional direct mail campaigns, telemarketing, and quarterly / annual promotions
for both cardmembers and employees. We regularly invest in new and innovative solutions based on
real-time input from our partners.


Client Resource Center

The Elan Client Resource Center website makes credit card program management easier and more effective
for our partners. This exclusive site provides ongoing program communications, daily and monthly online
reports, access to online applications, marketing and training materials and many other valuable tools
needed to ensure program success.



Elan understands that in order to provide the best service, our partners need to be comfortable with the
credit card products they are selling and how the program works overall. The following free training options
can be delivered through our train-the-trainer programs (in-person) or through web conferencing sessions
and / or pre-recorded sessions via the Client Resource Center. Courses include:


  • Consumer Product Overview
  • Business Product Overview
  • Online Application Processing
  • Reporting and Account Servicing
  • Sales Training to Overcome Objections

Ongoing, accessible, employee-friendly training materials are readily available from conversion through
the life of the program, including quick reference aids, product information and sales guides. Quizzes are
also utilized at the conclusion of the online training, ensuring that the employee is comfortable with the
information provided and understands the cardmember benefits.


Elan provides a dedicated underwriting team that develops relationships with frontline branch employees
while helping to meet cardmembers’ credit needs. Elan utilizes relationship information when reviewing
applicants, ensuring that we consider the length and value of the customer's relationship with your
financial institution. Adding this valuable relationship information does have a positive impact on
overall approval rates, on average. 



Financial Institutions are continually looking for ways to provide the best customer service possible.
Elan addresses customer needs quickly and efficiently, providing a positive experience with each and
every interaction.

Cardmember Service Team

Our dedicated Cardmember Service Team takes pride in providing a seamless customer service experience.
Performance is continually monitored to ensure that cardmembers receive a level of service that meets and
exceeds their expectations. Through committed cardmember and branch support, operations is managed
domestically in-house, including 24/7 call centers for cardmembers, supporting:


  • Balance Inquiries
  • Available Credit Status
  • Payment Information
  • Credit Line Increase Requests
  • Lost or Stolen Card Requests
  • Authorizations
  • Address Changes
  • Statement Inquiries


Online Account Access Tools

Cardmembers are also able to view their account information through the Online Account Access website,, which can be accessed via a link that is placed on the financial institutions’s website.
This link allows cardmembers to perform a variety of functions including viewing transaction information
and statements, making payments and setting up account alert notifications.

Industry-Leading Fraud Detection Team

Through the use of proactive state-of-the-art prevention tools and recovery processes, Elan provides industry
leading fraud detection and low loss rates. The Elan detection system overlays the authorization process and
triggers any abnormal spending habits, allowing our partners and their cardmembers to feel 100% confident
that their card is always secure.