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Elan presents a new website with a new Elan logo

February 07, 2022

The new look aligns with the modern technology and experience Elan delivers to partners.

Elan Financial Services unveiled a new website today, symbolizing the company’s commitment to growth for its partners and their cardmembers featuring a new Elan logo. The fresh, vibrant new look pushes Elan into the future with a forward-thinking design creating a connection to consumers across generations, while reinforcing the success, innovation, and expertise that Elan has delivered to partners for over 50 years.

As Elan continues to build partnerships across the United States, the Elan brand will continue to represent exemplary leadership, expertise, and serviceability. 

“We’re thrilled to share this new look today as it represents and reiterates Elan’s forward-thinking innovation, expertise, and simplicity. For more than 50 years, these foundational pillars have built an industry-leading brand that will continue to support more financial institutions and their members with an exceptional credit card program,” said Elan Credit Card's General Manager, John Owens.

Along with a clean and modern layout, the new site was designed with mobile functionality and accessibility at the forefront. In addition, the site features a robust and searchable resource library containing industry reports, whitepapers, videos, and interviews with Elan experts. Elan is dedicated to research development for our team, our partners, and the financial community. Visitors can expect to see the repository grow in the coming months and years.  

The new Elan brand and logo will continue to roll out across all of Elan’s platforms throughout 2022.

To learn more about Elan, view our new look, or explore how we can help strengthen your credit card program, visit www.cupartnership.com


About Elan
As America’s leading agent credit card issuer, Elan serves more than 250 credit unions. For more than 50 years, Elan has offered an outsourced partnership solution that provides credit unions the ability to offer a competitive credit card program. Elan has developed industry-leading technologies to improve cardmember satisfaction and drive growth all while sharing the program economics with its partners. For more information, visit www.cupartnership.com


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